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Pathology is at the core of patient care, from the first initial diagnosis to the end-of-life care. The results provided by pathology for your patients across all medical specialties provide critical diagnostic information, and directly guide the development of treatment and management plans. Treatment and management decisions with you patients across all specialties will involve pathology, whether it is rendering a diagnosis for a surgical patient with a mass, identifying safe blood products to transfuse to a trauma patient, or ensuring an organ transplant recipient’s immunosuppressive medications and allograft are functioning properly. Equally as important, pathologist are core to all basic science and clinical translational research, and provide unique clinical-pathologic insight on the pathophysiology and treatment of disease.

In line with the new national initiative to move classrooms virtually, Pathology will primarily be taught throughout the preclinical curriculum via remote VM Pathology sessions using the Inversus and Mscope platform with breakout sessions over ZOOM. The articles in this section will provide an introduction to anatomic (AP) and clinical (CP) pathology and highlight important resources that can supplement your learning during the preclinical years.

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