Basic Dermatopathology

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Course Type: Clinical Clerkship

Department/Division: Dermatology

Course Director: Dr. Inbal Sander

Course Coordinator: Shanika Bennet,

Faculty: Dr. Janis Taube, Dr. Inbal Sander

Availability/Duration: All year; except Summer Quarter Period 2; 1 month; one student; visiting medical students must follow JHUSOM quarter dates

Prerequisite(s): Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics, Pathology, and Clinical Clerkship in Dermatology at Johns Hopkins

Drop Period: 2 months

Description: Students may apply for an elective in dermatopathology if they have completed the prerequisites. Students will attend daily sign out where they will be exposed to a large volume of cases. Additional exposure will come through the use of study sets which are available to the students. The students will attend the Dermatology weekly Grand Rounds where they may see patients and participate in the discussion and presentation of the pathology for those patients. Additionally, the students will attend a formal dermatopathology teaching session once per week.