Blood Bank/Transfusion Medicine

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Course Type: Tutorial or Clerkship

Department/Division: Pathology/Transfusion Medicine

Course Director: Dr. Evan Bloch

Telephone Number: 410-614-4246

Contact: Lorraine Blagg, 410-502-9584 or or

Faculty: Dr. Evan Bloch and technical staff

Availability/Duration: All year, usually 1 month.

Prerequisite(s): Introduction to Pathology

Drop Period: 1 month

Description: This course provides an opportunity for medical students to gain experience in transfusion medicine {TM} in one of the largest and most academically productive TM services in the country. Students will learn about different types of blood products (I.e. indications, manipulation and management of adverse effects) as well as approaches to patients with complex transfusion requirements (e.g. hyperhaemolysis, severe alloimmunization) or who are unwilling to be transfused. Students will have an active role in clinical consultations in the TM and apheresis services. Those with an interest in research are encouraged – but not required – to pursue projects with the TM faculty and technical staff. Collectively, this elective will enhance the ability to manage patients in diverse clinical settings. It is particularly recommended for students who are interested in pathology, surgery, anesthesiology, hematology, oncology, and intensive care medicine.