Medical Microbiology

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Course Type: Other (Laboratory Rotation)

Department/Division: Pathology/Microbiology

Course Director: Dr. Karen Carroll

Telephone Number: 410-955-5077 (Paula Mister)

Faculty: Dr. Karen Carroll and faculty within the Division of Medical Microbiology

Availability/Duration: All year; 4 weeks, limited to two students per quarter

Prerequisite: Basic knowledge of Microbiology

Drop Period: 1 month

Description: Laboratory diagnosis of infectious diseases and therapeutic monitoring of antimicrobial agents. Visiting Medical Students accepted upon approval of Course Director and must arrange times directly with the Education Coordinator, Paula Mister. This course will emphasize all facets of diagnostic testing. The student will review specimen collection guidelines as they pertain to microbiology samples. Diagnostic methods and specific technologies for detection of a broad range of clinically significant pathogens will be learned. Susceptibility testing methods including special antibiotic studies will be covered. A major objective is to provide correlation of laboratory information with disease presentations in patients through a dynamic interface with healthcare providers and other divisions within the Department of Pathology. Learning objectives are fulfilled through bench rotations in the laboratory, daily work rounds, didactics, and interdisciplinary conferences.