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JHH Course Type: Clinical Elective

Department/Division: Pathology

Course Director: Dr. Jody Hooper

Telephone Number: 410-955-3765

Faculty: Dr. Hooper, Dr. David Nauen, others

Availability/Duration: All year except July. Available as either a full quarter rotation or as a one month rotation if followed by pathology elective.

Prerequisite(s): Completion of Genes to Society

Drop Period: 2 months

Description: Students are trained to function as first year house officers on the autopsy service. They become responsible for work-up and sign-out of their cases and in other respects participate fully in the life of the department. There are informal case conferences at the autopsy table and at multi headed microscopes. Students have the opportunity to present cases at departmental and interdepartmental conferences or to write cases for publication. Brief supplementary exposures to other aspects of pathology (general surgery pathology, surgical pathology subspecialties, forensic pathology, and clinical pathology) are offered to students who enroll for a full quarter.