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As a medical student on Neurology clerkship, medical students are encouraged to seek out opportunities related to neuropathology in the hospital. When a patient has a suspected brain mass found on a radiographic image, the patient may undergo a brain biopsy or surgical procedure to remove the mass. Brain tumors, such as neuroblastoma, will be evaluated by Neuropathology fellows. In addition, any neuromuscular specimens will be sent to the neuromuscular lab for further evaluation, including muscle stains on fresh tissue. For investigating infectious or autoimmune etiologies affecting a patient’s brain or spinal cord, cerebral spinal fluid (CSF) specimens may be obtained via lumbar puncture. CSF specimens are immediately sent to cytology and dropped off at the Core Lab in Zayed. If the CSF specimen is for flow cytometry, the hemepath fellow will take care of the specimen to analyze individual cell components. For neurology cases, you can check Pathology and Lab reports on EPIC as part of the work-up.

  1. If you’re interested in looking at physical slides of brain biopsies, the Neuropathology Department hosts an imaging neuropathology lecture for Wednesday noon conferences and a didactic neuropathology conference Fridays at 10am via Zoom.
  2. You can read muscle/nerve biopsies at any time.
  3. Opportunity to do a Neuropathology elective x 3 weeks.

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Useful Numbers

  • For Neuro (fellow) pager: 3-5140
  • For Neuromuscular tech: 3-5090
  • For Neuromuscular lab: 4-4163
  • Pathology core lab customer service: 5-1921
  • Surgical Neuropathology: 5-8378
  • Autopsy Neuropathology: 5-5632
  • Autopsy: 5-2490