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We are hoping to help you evolve as proactive, intellectually-curious, and hospital laboratory aware future-doctors, who know when and how to consult with Pathologists and molecular labs, how to weigh the cost/benefit ratio of any molecular testing decision, and how to read your own pathology note on EPIC as part of patient care. The objectives throughout each Clerkship are to:

  1. Learn how to select the appropriate laboratory work-up for common clinical disorders (Mayo Clinic Labs; ARUP Test Directory)
  2. Review the results from clinical laboratory studies and anatomic pathology reports (How to Find Pathology Results and Reports on Epic)
  3. Interpret the results of laboratory and/or anatomic pathology reports, and use to refine your differential diagnoses , assessments, and plans.
  4. Page the appropriate AP or CP service pagers, or e-mail/visit a JHH Pathology faculty, fellow, or resident to ask questions or see the specimen for yourself!

Each clerkship link contains Lab resources and JHU Pathology Faculty contact information allowing MS3-MS4 students to gain exposure to the Pathology field as they rotate through each clinical clerkship.