As a medical student on OB/Gyn clerkship, there will be plenty of opportunities to see clinical and anatomic pathology. The best time is during labor and delivery, where you can examine the gross anatomy of the placenta. If you ask the attending, you may be able to follow the placenta specimen to Weinberg 2nd floor and watch it be sectioned. In addition, during gyn or gyn/onc, you can observe the removal of benign or malignant masses from the pelvic cavity, which are often sent for rapid gross and/or frozen section. For gyn surgical cases, you should follow-up with the final diagnosis and view the Pathology reports on EPIC. The Gyn Onc service also has a weekly tumor board and colposcopy pathology correlation conferences, where the pathology and cytopathology are presented by pathology. For ambulatory care or triage patients, you can perform wet and dry preps to look for microbiology or check Lab reports on EPIC to confirm an infectious etiology.

  1. For students on gyn/onc, any time a frozen specimen is sent to pathology, a medical student can follow the specimen down to the pathology lab to take a look. Attendance at weekly Friday tumor board meeting with examination of surgical pathology specimens and formulation of treatment plan by a multi-disciplinary team.
  2. For students on L&D, examination of placenta after delivery. Ask the intern gyn resident to show you a placental exam. Wet and dry-mount preps for Triage patients can be performed and examined under a microscope for vaginitis or amniotic sac rupture.
  3. For students on gyn, opportunity to go to pathology intra-op for any cases that require a frozen section. Pap smears and colposcopy clinic is available. Asynchronous lectures on cervical pathology available to all students. Colposcopy conference is twice a month where they pull slides.
  4. Opportunity to do a gyn/path elective x 2 weeks as part of the clerkship (currently on hold due to COVID). Opportunity to do gyn research with a pathologist as an elective.

Self-study modules from Baylor integrating high-value care/lab testing with clerkship content

Useful Numbers

  • For Weinberg Accessioning (surgical specimens and placentas): 2-1588
  • For HCGH placentas (ask for Vander or Carol): 410-740-7849
  • For Bayview placentas (ask for Michele): 0-0671