Grant Materials

For members of the Program for microRNA Biology, below is boilerplate language that can be used in grant submissions in regard to the facilities section:

The Johns Hopkins University Program for miRNA Biology

The Johns Hopkins University Program for miRNA Biology is a multidisciplinary group of researchers dedicated to the study of miRNAs in disease.  The Program has 20 members from the School of Medicine and the Bloomberg School of Public Health, representing 11 different departments and indicating a wide variety of approaches to miRNA investigation.  The Program is centered around a monthly Journal Club, which features recent miRNA publications and lively discussions.

The members of the Program for miRNA Biology have available expertise across the following areas: animal models, including miRNA knockout models; exosome isolation and exosome miRNA quantification; RNA-seq analysis; in vitro assays; hybridization and qPCR arrays; single cell isolation; miRNA mimic library screens; miRNA 3’ UTR reporter assays and other methods.  All members have agreed to assist other members in these areas of expertise.

Members of the Program currently have > 10 NIH and American Heart Association miRNA-related grants with millions of dollars invested in this science.  As a group, they have published >100 miRNA related manuscripts across a diverse and prominent set of journals.  The long term goals of the Program and University are to develop a fully-supported Center program. Thus the Program for miRNA Biology serves as a long-term supportive environment for all manner of miRNA research.


(last updated 10/18/17)