Presentations at the 93rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Neuropathologists.

The 93rd Annual Meeting of the American Association of Neuropathologists was held June 8–11, 2017 in Garden Grove, CA. Neuropathology faculty members Liam Chen and Charles Eberhart, as well as a second year fellow, Heather Ames, all had abstracts selected for platform presentations. An incoming AP/NP resident, James Nix, also gave a platform talk, and second year fellow Andrew Guajardo presented a case at the diagnostic slide session. Many posters from incoming, current and recently departed trainees were also featured. The titles and authors of the platform presentations are shown below.
– Cryptic exon splicing repression by TDP-43 represents its major function compromised in Alzheimer’s disease and ALS/FTD. Liam Chen, Mingkuan Sun, Robert Bell, Olga Pletnikova, Juan Troncoso, Philip Wong
– Identifying corneal infections in formalin fixed specimens using next generation sequencing. Charles Eberhart, Zhigang Li, Florian Breitwies, Jennifer Lu, Albert Jun, Steven Salzberg
– Insulinoma-associated 1 (INSM1) is a novel nuclear marker of immature neuronal central nervous system neoplasms. Heather Ames, Lisa Rooper, Charles Eberhart, Fausto Rodriguez
– Neuropathology In Social Media. James Nix, Jerad Gardner, Murat Gokden, Brian Moore, Fausto Rodriguez, Maria Martinez-Lage, Felipe Costa, Douglas Anthony

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