Pathology Department Retirements and Farewells

Congratulations and best wishes to the people leaving our department. We will all miss you!

Karen and Kathy Bowles Retirement

Congratulations on 25 years!

Back Row: Kathy Bowles, Lydia Nelson, Dr. Francischetti, Dr. Borowitz, Karen Bowles, Kathy Cowan, Hailan Zhou, Teresa Randall, Dr. Gocke, Ankit Rajgaria
Front Row: Rena Xian, Jennifer Hurley, Dr. Laura Wake, Nada AL Qaysai
Karen Bowles and Kathy Bowles

Louanne Morell’s (HATS Administration) Retirement

Back Row: Catherine Thige, Leonie Sison, Lakeisha Burks, Fatima Penaflor, Maria Orpiano, Matthew Flury
Front Row: LalaHydara, Sonja Vozniak, Louanne Morrell, Chris Willis, Kim Kelman
Front row: Dr. Elizabeth Crowe, Lala Hydara, Sonja Vozniak, Louanne Morell, Chris Willis, and Kim Kelman
Back Row: Catherine Thige, Leonie Sison, Debra Butler, LaKeisha Burks, Fatima Penaflor, Maria Orpiano, David Wirts, Matthew Flury

Sandy Markowitz (Path Administration) Retirement

Sandy Markowitz and Dr. Ralph Hruban

Farewell to Greg Rex (Epic Systems)   


Farewell to Esther Kim (Flow Cytometry)

Maria Barata, Wei Zhang, Jennifer Hurley, Autumn Surguy, Esther Kim, Hailian Zhou, Sasha Sing, Bailey Martini, Kyle Johnson, Kathy Cowan

Barbara Thompson
Pathology Admin Coordinator