Pamela Gillard Leads Anatomic Pathology

Pamela Gillard joined Johns Hopkins Medicine in November 2016 as our new Anatomic Pathology Manager.   In this role, Pamela is responsible for a team over 300 employees, including managers, supervisors, leads, technical and administrative staff who handle, process, and diagnose tissue specimens received from Johns Hopkins operating rooms and outpatient locations. With over 26 years of pathology experience in management, senior, lead and bench positions, Pamela has also played an active role on inspection teams and continues to be an advisor to staff.   Pamela earned her bachelor’s degree in cytotechnology with a minor in histotechnology from the Medical University of South Carolina, and an MPA degree from Villanova University (Go Wildcats!!).

Pamela states her goals at Johns Hopkins are quite simple—to morph Anatomic Pathology into a well-oiled machine that improves patient safety and productivity, while continuing to maintain the excellent reputation and standards currently in place. Pamela is a member of the Pathology Diversity Committee and a champion for Healthy at Hopkins, and adds she is “very happy and excited to be here.”

When asked about her outside interests, Pamela replied, “I have two daughters (17 and 12) who actively participate in sports and activities, which makes me a chauffeur and cheerleader. I am an active member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, a service sorority. I am interested in literacy and have taught adult learners to prepare for their GED exam, and am excited to find an opportunity where I can assist those in need. Football season finds me glued to the television and makes me a happy camper. I am an avid reader and enjoy cultural activities such as opera, museums and parks.”

We are very happy to welcome Pamela to the Johns Hopkins Pathology family!