January 2013 – Resident research in breast cancer to be presented at upcoming pathology conference in Baltimore

The annual conference held by the United States & Canadian Academy of Pathology (USCAP) will be in Baltimore, March 2-8, 2013. This conference presents continuing education opportunities and is a forum for the presentation of cutting edge research and discoveries. Pathology residents from the Johns Hopkins Hospital are presenting their original research projects in many areas of disease, including breast cancer. Please help us congratulate these resident researchers on their accomplishment and contribution to the field of breast cancer research. These novel research projects in breast cancer with resident first authors include:

 NKX3.1 Expression in Primary Breast Carcinoma
Resident first author: Mark A Samols MD
Additional authors: Andrea Subhawong MD, Rajni Sharma PhD, Peter B Illei MD, Pedram Argani MD, Ashley Cimino-Mathews MD

Frozen Section Evaluation of Breast Carcinoma Sentinel Lymph Nodes: A Retrospective Review of 1940 Cases
Resident first author: Justin Poling, MD
Additional authors: Pedram Argani MD, Ashley Cimino-Mathews MD

Are Breast Cancer Metastases Enriched for Stem Cells?
Resident first author: Doreen Nguyen MD
Additional Authors: Andrea Subhawong MD, Celina Kleer MD, Pedram Argani MD, Ashley Cimino-Mathews MD

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