Letter from Vincent


letter from Vincent

Dear Vincent D’Amato, Jr.,

Thank you so much for your wonderful letter and wonderful ideas.  I wish I were smart enough to figure out how to make the special pill that you have thought of that will make esophagus cancer go into the stomach and be destroyed.  It may not be until you become a scientist that this happens since this pill will be hard to make.  However, in the interim, I will be the next D’Amato Research Fellow and I will work in Dr.  Anirban Maitra’s laboratory.  I am coming all the way from the Netherlands (Holland) to do this.  There is a picture of me here.  My name is Mirte Stippel.  I will work as hard as I can to learn as much as I can about how esophagus cancer kills wonderful people like your grandfather and I hope to be able to report advances as I do my laboratory work.  Thanks again for your ideas.

Mirte Stippel, PhD

Mirte Mayke Streppel